OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021


Where The Boys Are

Join us for this side-splitting and touching collection of gay men’s shorts.

Total Running Time – 83 minutes


Sunday Dinner

Director: Kevin Mead      

Year: 2020     

Country: USA  

Running Time: 14 Minutes

Don decides to tell a big secret during his family’s Sunday dinner but worries that his family will never see him the same way again.

Stephen & James: Best Girlfriends

Director: Dave Quantic      

Year: 2021      

Country: USA  

Running Time: 5 Minutes

Stephen gives an oral history of his racy friendship with James through the use of animation, photos, and drawings and the help of Fruitbowl Podcast.


Director: Christian Jacob Ramón    

Year: 2021  

Country: USA  

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Performance anxiety interferes with a couple’s plan, but as the date continues into the night, they realize the attraction they share is more than sexual.

Getting Closer

Director: Ethan Roberts      

Year: 2020     

Country: USA  

Running Time: 6 Minutes

While high, a couple explores modern intimacy during sex and discusses what it takes to get each other off without ruining the mood or conversation.

Catfish Killer

Director: Seth Harrington & Gil Hizon 

Year: 2020 

Country: USA 

Running Time: 12 Minutes

A relaxing camping trip in the woods turns deadly for three best friends when one of them mistakenly catfishes a serial killer who wants revenge. 

Trade Center

Director: Adam Baran      

Year: 2021      

Country: USA  

Running Time: 8 Minutes

Stories from men who cruised for sex at the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s intertwine with images of the Freedom Tower campus

Of Hearts and Castles

Director: Ruben Navarro    

Year: 2020   

Country: Spain & USA  

Running Time: 15 Minutes

After a bad breakup, Ruben’s friends convince him to go out with them where he connects with Angel who helps him heal from his past.

Beat 97

Director: Washington Calegari 

Year: 2020  

Country: Brazil 

Running Time: 12 Minutes

After quarantining in his apartment by himself for ninety-seven days, Alvaro meets a deliveryman that makes him think of better ways to occupy his time.