OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021

All films in this year's film festival will be released on Friday, October 15 and available to stream until Sunday, October 24.Below are suggested screening times if you like to follow the order of our movie playlist.

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De Colores


This collection of shorts honors a multitude of queer and trans voices of color.

Total Running Time – 86 minutes


From Namibia, a country where same-sex relationships are illegal and gay sexuality is stigmatized, comes KAPANA, the country’s first gay love story and a step forward for African gay rights.

Gender Fabulous

What is gender? An identity? An experience? An expression? A journey? A destination? These eight provocative shorts will show you a fabulous time exploring these questions.

Total Running Time – 90 minutes


Contemporary country music is finally coming out of the closet. The contributions of lesbian singer-songwriters are generally not the first thing that come to mind in the arena of country music, but some of the greatest hits in the genre are the work of gay women writing, producing, and persevering in an extremely traditional and corporate industry that requires most to keep their authentic selves secret for fear of committing career suicide.

Fun In Girls Shorts

Light hearted shorts exploring femme romance and other adventures.

Total Running Time – 90 minutes

Rebel Dykes

We were very politically aware, but we were also very naughty!” What better summation of the sexy, gritty, raw-and-rollicking experience of the London late-1980s dyke community, lovingly depicted in Harri Shanahan and Siân Williams’ new documentary REBEL DYKES. From Peace Camps, to the lesbian S&M club Chain Reaction, to the passing of Clause 28, REBEL DYKES cleverly mixes vintage footage, interviews, and animated recreations to illustrate an explosive time of sex, culture, and politics.

Foreign Bodies

This collection of shorts will titillate and provoke as we travel the globe in search of foreign bodies.

Total Running Time – 98 minutes


A tender coming-of-age story, BEYTO examines the struggle of being true to oneself amid clashing cultures, and the barriers we must overcome to find happiness.

Where The Boys Are

Join us for this side-splitting and touching collection of gay men’s shorts.

Total Running Time – 83 minutes

Black + Queer On Screen

This collection of shorts show the beauty and difficulties of being black and queer.

Total Running Time – 86 minutes


In one of the queer standouts at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, two sex workers act upon their instincts rather than their rationale as they begin a sensual affair outside the walls of the brothel where they’re both employed. Years of experience in the trade have taught Sascha (a spellbinding Katharina Behrens) not to mix business and pleasure, but something about the new girl at work, Maria (a mesmerizing Adam Hoya), allows Sascha to envision a fresh, new beginning for them both. Maybe it’s their instant attraction and palpable chemistry, or maybe it’s Maria’s openness and willingness to explore these shared feelings which give Sascha permission to try again.

Femme Frontera: Shorts

This curated showcase celebrates the unique queer voices on our Frontera and beyond.

Total Running Time – 102 minutes


Queer Brasil

This collection of shorts shines a spotlight on the story of queer life in Brazil.

Total Running Time – 80 minutes

Boy Meets Boy

Set in one memorable day during an unexpected brief romance in Berlin, Boy Meets Boy is a love letter to everything that can happen between two strangers. For Johannes, white and German, and Harry, Black and British, a shared kiss in a nightclub leads to a day spent ambling through the urban landscape.

Workhorse Queen

Perhaps you’ve already met Mrs. Kasha Davis. She’s a stylish, witty 1960s housewife in a vibrant cocktail dress! She’s also the drag persona of Ed Popil, a telemarketing manager in Rochester, New York. In this fascinating doc, you’ll join Kasha (and Ed) on a glamorous, sobering journey through the highs and low of today’s ultra-competitive drag landscape.

Poppy Field

A revealing, tightly wound drama hailing from Romania, POPPY FIELD is the study of one man’s struggle for self-acceptance in the face of losing everything he has.

Silver Linings

This touching collection of shorts reminds us that folks of all ages have a place in the queer world.

Total Running Time – 68 minutes

Queer Youth United!

This empowered collection of shorts shines with the spirit and voices of our younger generation.

Total Running Time – 80 minutes

No Straight Lines: The Rise of Queer Comics

From TOM OF FINLAND to DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR, comics and zines have been firmly embedded in queer culture since before Stonewall, through the AIDS epidemic, and continuing through today’s modern obsession with superheroes. But this deeply queer artform finally gets its true moment in the limelight thanks to Peabody Award winner Vivian Kleiman’s extensive documentary that explores over 70 years of history.


Sensual, honest, and deeply compassionate, MINYAN tells a coming-of-age tale that’s so rich with specifics and heartfelt emotion that it feels not just fresh but vital. This brilliant narrative debut from writer/director Eric Steel (producer of JULIE AND JULIA with Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese’s BRINGING OUT THE DEAD) follows one young man’s exploration of family, love, sexuality, and faith.


This sexy, romantic drama from Italy looks at love through the lens of food: lush, delectable, and sometimes maddening.

This warm-hearted dramedy, which premiered to much acclaim at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival is filled with a parade of delectable Italian men and mouth-watering baked treats, which will leave audiences exclaiming, “Brava!”