This a collection of shorts focuses on films celebrating women from around the world

Total Running Time – 107 minutes


In Heaven

Director: Manuel Gomar     
Year: 2022      
Country: Spain  
Running Time: 13 Minutes

Julia is widowed and unhappy. She decides to make a big change in her love life, and enlists her granddaughter for help with the task.

Catcave Hysteria

Director: Angelika Abramovitch      
Year: 2021     
Country: Sweden     
Running Time: 19 Minutes

The women’s toilet at a busy nightclub becomes an unexpected confessional where a host of miniature disasters and catastrophes result in lives being changed forever.

A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here

Director: Érica Sarmet
Year: 2021
Country: Brazil
Running Time: 25 Minutes

An aging, lonely motorcyclist goes to her first lesbian party, where she meets four young queer women eager to share their home and their affections.

A Summer Place

Director: Alexandra Matheou    
Year: 2021  
Country: Cyprus, France   
Running Time: 20 Minutes

Tina feels victimized and ignored by the city rapidly changing around her, until a chance encounter on her birthday provides a sexy, promising new start.

Sheer Qorma

Director: Faraz Arif Ansari     
Year: 2021      
Country: India  
Running Time: 30 Minutes

When queer, non-binary Saira brings her partner home to meet her family, her ultraconservative mother must question and reshape her deeply-held religious and moral beliefs.