Available to Stream October 27 - 30th


Carl Andress & Charles Busch





Running Time

94 Minutes
Sponsored by Local 480


Winner: Best Ensemble — FilmOut San Diego 2022
Special Mention: Best Ensemble — OUTFest Los Angeles 2022
Official Selection: NewFest New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022


Get ready for an outrageous concoction from drag royalty Charles Busch (PSYCHO BEACH PARTY; DIE, MOMMY, DIE!). It’s his trademark blend of old-school high camp, cutthroat lipstick lesbianism, drag un-realness, romance, and questionable taste.

Jimmy Nichols (Busch) is a notoriously shady movie memorabilia collector who “inherits” the sixth and final reel of a silent film once thought lost. What ensues are games of cat and mouse, deception, sexual manipulation, and of course, drag. He and two incompetent accomplices plot to sell it to a billionaire collector; but first, they’ll have to outwit a desperate museum curator, a kooky quintet of collectors, and Jimmy’s arch-nemesis, Doris (comic diva Margaret Cho).

It’s a larger-than-life farce with tons of heart. Busch is sincerely enamored by his cast of misfits and always sex-positive with characters over 50. For best results, invite all your favorite glamazons, Judies, actressexuals, and fruit flies for a viewing kiki. (Responsible intoxicants optional.)

— Frank Danay