OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021



This touching collection of shorts reminds us that folks of all ages have a place in the queer world.

Total Running Time – 68 minutes


The Door She Opened

Director: Richard O’Connor  

Year: 2020      

Country: USA  

Running Time: 3 minutes

In 1950s Texas, a young transgender woman, Dee, meets her Aunt Yaya. Kindred spirits, Dee finally finds a safe, loving space to be herself.


Director: Antonio De la Torre    

Year: 2020     

Country: Mexico  

Running Time: 20 minutes

Bernardo and Victor haven’t seen each other in almost forty years. Bernardo has been widowed from his wife when they run into each other again. 


Director: Maria Åkesson   

Year: 2021    

Country: Sweden  

Running Time: 5 minutes

Agnes and Ellen fell in love and spend 50 years together. Dreams of moving on together shatter when Ellen dies.  But determined Agnes’ story has just begun.


Director: Jon Bryant Crawford   

Year: 2020   

Country: USA  

Running Time: 5 minutes

During a photoshoot, a young photographer hears the story of an older queer man’s younger days. His story is flirtatious, charming, and one you won’t forget.

In Orbit

Director: Katie McNeice 

Year: 2020 

Country: Ireland  

Running Time: 17 minutes

An invisible optician, trapped in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.

For the Record: Autumn Elegy

Director: Theresa Rebeck     

Year: 2021    

Country: Canada  

Running Time: 18 minutes

Recent widow Joy meets Fiona. Joy is gripped by her first queer relationship. Her daughter is determined to stop Fiona from corrupting her delicate mother.