OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021


Bruce LaBruce





Running Time

101 Minutes


- Winner: Graffetta d'Oro for Best Film – Venice International Film Festival 2020
- Nominee: Best LGBTQ Film – Molodist Int’l Film Festival 2021
- Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival 2020


Stylish, sexy, and wonderfully weird, iconic director Bruce LaBruce returns with SAINT-NARCISSE, a provocative reinterpretation of a classic myth—with signature twists that any LaBruce aficionado will appreciate.

It’s 1970s Montreal, and beautiful young Dominic is in love with himself—he’s constantly snapping Polaroid selfies, and nothing turns him on more than his own reflection. When his grandmother dies, Dominic uncovers a dark web of family secrets: not only is his birth mother, who he had long believed to be dead, still alive, but, to Dominic’s excitement, he also has a long-lost identical twin brother, Daniel. Dominic embarks on a quest to put together the pieces of his past and track down Daniel, leading him from his mother’s witchy forest hideaway to a mysterious, isolated monastery where his brother now is the sexual hostage of the deranged priest who raised him—and he won’t give Daniel up without a fight. The brothers’ reunion sparks a sexual awakening and journey of self-discovery like no other, binding them in a search for sex, revenge, and redemption.

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