OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021



This empowered collection of shorts shines with the spirit and voices of our younger generation.

Total Running Time – 80 minutes


Marlon Brando

Director: Vincent Tilanus     

Year: 2020   

Country: Netherlands 

Running Time: 19 Minutes

Best friends Cas and Naomi are inseparable but with graduation approaching, they realize they must navigate life without each other as they enter into adulthood.


Director: Axel Rezinovsky     

Year: 2020     

Country: Argentina  

Running Time: 16 Minutes

Martin is moving. During his going-away party, he finds himself orbiting around his crush, but is it too late for him to make his move?

Of Age

Director: Christina Offley      

Year: 2021      

Country: USA  

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Alex wants to get out of her parents’ house and leave town, but she has to find her friends and celebrate her  birthday first.

The Night Train

Director: Jerry Carlsson      

Year: 2020      

Country: Sweden  

Running Time: 15 Minutes

Heading home on a train from the city, Oscar catches the eye of fellow traveler Ahmad, and hopes to share more than just stolen glances.

From A to Q

Director: Emmalie El Fadli     

Year: 2021     

Country: UK  

Running Time: 19 Minutes

Alex confesses she’s in love with her best friend, only to realize she’s dreaming. Now she must find the courage to say it while awake.