Queen Tut

Directed by Reem Morsi • 2023 • Canada • 91 Minutes

Sunday, October 22 • 4:30PM

Wise and raucous, QUEEN TUT tells a surprisingly rich, funny, and fabulous tale of two queer generations. Trans stage veteran Alexandra Billings (Madame Morrible, Broadway’s WICKED) stars as the witty and world-weary survivor, Malibu. As she fights to rescue her historic queer bar from a condo developer’s wrecking ball, Malibu nurtures an awkward teen, Egyptian-raised Nabil. He’s driven to realize gowns from his deceased mother’s sketchbook; in the process, Malibu teaches him lessons far more profound than sewing.

For her delightful, fiery, and purposeful feature debut, Canadian/Egyptian filmmaker Reem Morsi explores the immigrant experience, queer history, grief and recovery, religion, chosen family, and the almighty power of drag. Its brilliant centerpiece is Billings’ live-on-camera vocal performance; infused with a lifetime of fury and insight, it should leave audiences cheering! Throw in an ensemble of lovable characters, from a metalhead drag king to a sexy Egyptian altar boy, and QUEEN TUT delivers a true laugh-and-cry experience.

Frank Danay



Sunday, October 22
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