OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021


Eric Steel





Running Time

118 Minutes


- Winner: Grand Jury Prize - U.S. Feature – Outfest - Los Angeles 2021
- Winner: Best First Feature – Jerusalem Film Festival 2020
- Official Selection: Berlin Film Festival 2020


Sensual, honest, and deeply compassionate, MINYAN tells a coming-of-age tale that’s so rich with specifics and heartfelt emotion that it feels not just fresh but vital. This brilliant narrative debut from writer/director Eric Steel (producer of JULIE AND JULIA with Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese’s BRINGING OUT THE DEAD) follows one young man’s exploration of family, love, sexuality, and faith.

Seventeen-year-old David (beautifully played by up-and-comer Samuel H. Levine) is a Russian Jewish immigrant living in New York City in the 1980s. Through friendships with an elderly closeted gay couple and a romance with an East Village bartender, David begins to discover new possibilities for joy, community, and connection. This meticulously detailed picture captures the raw vibe of the old, dirty New York through sensitive direction and fully committed performances. Taking you on a remarkable journey that feels both epic and intimate, MINYAN is a great film – sexy, heartfelt, and sure to be remembered.      -Frank Danay

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