OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021


Marion Hill





Running Time

93 Minutes


Winner: Audience Award - NEXT – Sundance Film Festival 2021
Winner: Jury Award - Best Feature – OUTshine Film Festival - Miami, 2021
Official Selection: SXSW Film Festival - Austin 2021


What happens after a polyamorous relationship dissolves? That’s the question first-time filmmaker Marion Hill asks in MA BELLE, MY BEAUTY, a gutsy and gorgeous romantic drama. Featuring sun-dappled scenery from the dreamy South of France and a buoyant jazz score, its power lies in its provocative, mature, and complex take on a most unconventional relationship.

Bertie and Fred are married musicians enjoying an idyllic life in the countryside. When their former romantic partner, Lane, shows up for a ‘surprise’ visit, old sparks reignite, and the trio must navigate old resentments, new possibilities, and Lane’s new partner! You won’t want to miss the movie that Screen Rant called “required viewing for anyone looking for more positive and contemporary narratives about queer women.” With great performances from its young ensemble and a boldly modern, sex-positive take on love and romance, the award-winning MA BELLE, MY BEAUTY will surely leave you with much to discuss after!  — Frank Danay

City of Albuquerque