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Directed by Alex Birrell • 2022 • UK • 83 Minutes

Friday, October 13 • 9:30PM

Truth and fiction intertwine in this typewriter-taut thriller from the creators of the award-winning short film of the same name. When Stephen King-wannabe, Ben, retreats to an isolated rural cabin to start his latest novel – and to escape the growing tension with his boyfriend, Jamie – he expects to find inspiration for horror; little does he know that he’s about to face more than just a paper cut as he becomes the protagonist of his own novella nightmare.

After working late into the night, Ben wakes to find a wounded man in the cabin; he claims to be a hunter whose car had broken down nearby. Intrigued and attracted to the mysterious and handsome intruder, Ben decides to secretly use him as inspiration for his new book’s antagonist: a savage murderer believed to have perpetrated his crimes in the very cabin that Ben has rented. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of battery.​


o Official Selection: Miami OUTShine Film Festival
o Official Selection: SOHO Horror Film Festival


Friday, October 13
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