OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021







Running Time

60 Minutes


- Winner: Outstanding Performance - Adriano Visagie - Reelout Queer Film Festival 2021
- Winner: Best Feature Film – PRIDE Queer Film Festival 2021
-Official Selection: African Diaspora Cinema Festival 2021


From Namibia, a country where same-sex relationships are illegal and gay sexuality is stigmatized, comes KAPANA, the country’s first gay love story and a step forward for African gay rights.

After a chance encounter in a bar, two men, George and Simeon, meet and fall in love. Their chemistry is undeniable, but they come from separate worlds: George is a middle-class insurance broker who lives openly about his sexuality with acceptance from his family, while Simeon is a working-class food vendor still in the closet, struggling with his perception of masculinity and the attitudes of others. Against a hostile wider culture, their relationship is kept hidden, but the two men must learn to shed social expectations and fight for their love.

Exploring themes of love, commitment, shame, and fear, and supported by breakout lead performances, KAPANA boldly challenges the social expectations that construct our lives, daring to explore what it means to live openly.