OCTOBER 15 - 24TH, 2021



This collection of shorts will titillate and provoke as we travel the globe in search of foreign bodies.

Total Running Time – 98 minutes


It’s Just in My Head

Director: Marius Gabriel Stancy    

Year: 2020      

Country: Italy  

Running Time: 17 minutes

Childhood friends Andreas and Alessandro reunite in the seaside hometown in summer and this time Andreas plans to reveal his love for his friend.

Private Photos

Director: Marcelo Grabowsky 

Year: 2021      

Country: Brazil  

Running Time: 20 minutes

A couple invites a third into their apartment for sex only to have to reconcile with what the encounter reveals about their relationship.

Virgin My Ass

Director: Adar Sigler 

Year: 2021 

Country: Israel  

Running Time: 16 minutes

Ophir has never had sex and abruptly asks his friend Harel to be his first sexual partner and Harel reluctantly agree


Director: Santiago Zermeño    

Year: 2021   

Country: Mexico  

Running Time: 14 minutes

Teenager Camilo may have inadvertently exposed his same-sex attraction to a fellow rower in their traditional pier town of Xochimilco and makes an impulsive decision. 

Two Men by the Sea

Director: Gabriel Motta

Year: 2019    

Country: Brazil  

Running Time: 16 minutes

Briefly exploring Tallinn, Estonia before his train departs, Brazilian tourist César encounters local Martin there is an instant attraction with little time to act.

The Lonely Prince

Director: Shivin and Sunny     

Year: 2021    

Country: India  

Running Time: 15 minutes

A prince lives a solemn life until a handsome sculptor arrives at his palace and ignites a hidden passion in him.