Sexy, thought-provoking, magickal, enraged, and in love, queer men bare all (literally and metaphorically) in shorts from around the world.

Total Running Time – 90 minutes

Saturday, October 21





Director: Federico Mottica
Year: 2022
Country: Italy
Running Time: 18 Minutes

Love, hate, desire, and jealousies – It’s getting complicated for Andrea and Fabrizio. When shocking news and a handsome stranger arrive, they begin questioning their relationship.

Wegen Hegel

Director: Popo Fan
Year: 2023
Country: Germany
Running Time: 14 Minutes

New to Germany, Ping gets invited to a “social distance hookup.” But his philosophical musings – combined with whatever was in that drink – change his plans.


Director: Leo Černic
Year: 2022
Country: Italy
Running Time: 7 Minutes

“It’s not so easy to be a hero. But you, Pentola, you are my superhero.”


Director: Jessica Meier, Kilian Feusi, Sujanth Ravichandran
Year: 2022
Country: Switzerland
Running Time: 4 Minutes

Bob the plumber is hired to fix a broken pipe. What happens when he arrives at this gay fetish club redefines “tools of the trade.”


Director: Kane Kwik
Year: 2022
Country: Mexico
Running Time: 11 Minutes

Like an LP, coming out for a gay lad has A and B sides: guilt and pleasure, invisibility and expression, loneliness and finding your tribe.


Director: Hiroki Iwasa
Year: 2021
Country: Japan
Running Time: 13 Minutes

Over an intimate night of conversation, cool music, and hot sex, two guys get to know each other, despite the repeated interruptions beyond their control.

Promise of a Wild Love

Director: Davi Mello
Year: 2022
Country: Brazil
Running Time: 23 Minutes

After crashing a party, Bruno discovers that this will be his last night. Are the omens correct, or is his young life but a dream?