This collection of shorts will titillate and provoke as we travel the globe in search of foreign bodies.

Total Running Time – 121 minutes


Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Director: Arthur Cahn      
Year: 2021      
Country: France  
Running Time: 19 Minutes

When the factory where they work goes up in flames, good friends Romain and Adémar choose to spend their time off together, with unexpected results.

Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro

Director: Jerry Carlsson      
Year: 2022      
Country: Sweden   
Running Time: 14 Minutes

Mr. Moro’s partner Adrian has been cryogenically frozen for 43 years. When technology makes it possible to bring him back to life, unexpected questions arise.

Habib & The Thief

Director: Naures Sager      
Year: 2021      
Country: Sweden  
Running Time: 15 Minutes

Fate, and a stolen cape, bring lovers Habib and Amir together. But being their authentic selves in the outside world proves to be dangerous

Mazel Tov

Director: Eli Zuzovsky      
Year: 2022      
Country: Israel  
Running Time: 25 Minutes

In the midst of raging war, young Adam’s bar mitzvah devolves into a glorious catastrophe as he cleverly navigates family, identity, and his budding sexuality.

Boom and Bloom

Director: Stefan Langthaler      
Year: 2022    
Country: Austria  
Running Time: 24 Minutes

On a long hike in the Austrian Alps, a father and son to finally open up to each other about matters of life and love.

We Will Become Better

Director: Andzej Gavriss
Year: 2021
Country: Russia
Running Time: 5 Minutes

The two lovers in this stirring new film are separated not only by distance but also by circumstances: Russia’s anti-gay laws and mainstream homophobia mean that their relationship is threatened by violence, and now even the constitution.

As Simple As That

Director: Luciana Bitencourt      
Year: 2021      
Country: Brazil  
Running Time: 19 Minutes

When Joana suspects their son is gay, her husband turns out to be very knowledgeable on the subject. His surprising response causes her to question everything.