Cora Bora

Directed by Hannah Pearl Utt • 2023 • USA • 92 MInutes

Wednesday, October 18 • 6:30PM

Megan Stalter, the HACKS scene-stealer and queer comedy maven, gets the star vehicle that she so rightly deserves. After finding limited success in LA, where she was chasing her dreams of becoming a musician (think a millennial Phoebe Buffay), chaotic poly bisexual Cora makes a surprise trip back to Portland to try to win back her girlfriend, Justine (FRESH‘s Jojo T. Gibbs) when she senses that their open relationship might be on the rocks.

Arriving in time for a fabulously unannounced appearance at Justine’s graduation party, Cora willfully ignores the writing on the wall—surely that cute brunette (Ayden Mayeri of I LOVE THAT FOR YOU) doing laundry barefoot in Justine’s house is the cleaning lady, right? Through a series of messy reunions, a search and rescue for a lost (and misgendered) pet, and a clumsy pansexual orgy along the way, Cora will take the route less traveled to find harmony in her universe. Director Hannah Pearl Utt’s hilarious follow-up to BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, her breakout Sundance hit, CORA BORA features Margaret Cho, Darrell Hammond, Manny Jacinto, Heather Morris, Chloë Sevigny-impersonator Drew Droege, and Chelsea Peretti (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE) as the lively ensemble of characters that Cora finds along the way.


o Official Selection: SXSW 2023
o Official Selection: Frameline47: San Francisco 2023


Wednesday, October 18
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