Big Boys

Directed by Corey Sherman • 2023 • USA • 88 Minutes

Tuesday, October 17 • 8:45PM

An unexpected crush turns a camping trip into a weekend of self-discovery in this heart-warming coming-of-age story. Jamie is the kind of 14-year-old who reads Mastering the Art of French Cooking and makes sure to pack a first aid kit. But he’s excited for a weekend in the woods with his brother and beloved cousin Allie, until Allie ruins everything by bringing her new boyfriend Dan along. At first annoyed by this interloper, Jamie slowly realizes Dan might actually be an okay guy. He can pitch a tent and build a fire, skills Jamie has only read about. He’s open to Jamie’s recommendation (and portable spice collection) to take hamburgers to the next level, and they make a great board game team. So maybe Dan’s not all bad. In fact, maybe Dan is amazing.


Writer/director Corey Sherman’s script captures the excitement and awkwardness of Jamie’s infatuation and confusion. Co-starring Emily Deschanel (BONES), Taj Cross (PEN15), and Dora Madison (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), this endlessly charming film is always on Jamie’s side, and with Isaac Krasner’s incredible breakthrough performance, so is the audience.          

  • Laura Henneman


o Winner: Audience Award– OUTFest Los Angeles 2023
o Honorable Mention: Outstanding First Feature– Frameline


Tuesday, October 17
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