OCTOBER 21 – 30TH, 2022

October 19 (Sat)


Free Screening
October 19 • 1:00pm
Guild Cinema

5B is the inspirational true story of everyday heroes, nurses and caregivers who took extraordinary action to comfort, protect and care for the patients of the first AIDS ward unit in the United States.

This stirring documentary is told through first-person testimony of these nurses and caregivers who built Ward 5B in 1983 at San Francisco General Hospital, their patients, loved ones, and staff who volunteered to create care practices based in humanity and holistic well-being during a time of great uncertainty. The result is an uplifting yet candid and bittersweet monument to a pivotal moment in American history and a celebration of quiet heroes, nurses and caregivers worthy of remembrance and renewed recognition.


October 19 • 3:15pm
Guild Cinema

Meet Mack, Andraya, and Sarah Rose, three out transgender high school athletes. They’re training hard, playing hard, and shaking up the face of sports nationwide. With grace and dignity beyond their years, they deal with hostile press coverage and the angry, outspoken parents of their competitors.

 Due to outdated Texas regulations, Mack wrestles with the girls; en route to the state finals, his every victory is bittersweet. Sarah Rose is a make-up vlogger and competitive skier, and she channels her energy into activism for a pro-trans bill in her home state of New Hampshire. Andraya runs track and befriends her team’s only other trans athlete. Filmmaker Michael Barnett gained exceptional access for an up-close and personal look at these well-spoken, emotionally mature young athletes. With a stirring score, he constructs a beautifully paced and uplifting portrait of three families, three communities, and a nation in the throes of change.


October 19 • 5:15pm
Guild Cinema

Paula is a young Austrian teenager, attending boarding school and navigating all the typical anxieties of high school life. While she has a couple close and supportive friends and a promising aptitude for French-language study, Paula is also grappling with budding desires for other women. While one classmate in particular, Charlotte, has caught Paula’s attention, a lack of reciprocal affection leads Paula into a series of romantic and sexual encounters with other classmates in her small town.

 Monja Art’s feature SEVENTEEN plunges its audience back into the uncertain space of teenage life with Paula as she plots a course through love, confusion, and jealousy. Balancing academic pressures, the responsibility of caring for her disabled father, as well as her love interests, Paula must find stability somewhere, within her classmates or herself. This dramatic feature film will have movie-goers on the edge of their seat until the very end. – Cole Carvour


Kathy Griffin: In Person
October 19 • 7:00pm
UNM Rodey Theatre • UNM

No matter how polarizing you may find her, this is an unprecedented story in US history. An attempt to decimate an American citizen from the highest levels of government. From losing an entire career, receiving death threats, being the subject of a federal investigation, it only took Kathy Griffin one afternoon to learn the impact one photo could have to ignite a continuous smear campaign. When the gossip blog TMZ published a photo of Griffin holding a mask that looked like the severed head of President Trump which quickly went global, on May 30, 2017, everything she had worked for in her life vanished overnight and she became the target of the President and the Department of Justice.

In her first comedy concert film, Griffin shares the scary and hilarious behind the scenes stories of her fight to stand up for her first amendment rights. From Trump to celebrities, no person or topic is off limits. Watch this Phoenix rise and have a good laugh while you are doing it!


October 19 • 7:30pm
Guild Cinema

In 1985, Freddy Krueger returned to the big screen. So why was he terrorizing a young gay man who shook his booty and shrieked in falsetto? A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 confounded audiences then, and in 2019, actor Mark Patton still wonders … because it ruined his career! Controversy over the film’s gay subtext (and that scene in a leather bar!) coincided with the first crest of AIDS hysteria, and Mark fled Hollywood. Now, he’s coming back.

 In this alternately hilarious and moving doc, he tours horror conventions and midnight screenings. Along the way, he recalls how his brief, meteoric rise crossed paths with Madonna, Cher, and George Clooney! It all climaxes with Mark’s contentious showdown with the filmmakers that he still blames for dimming his rising star. With commentary from drag luminary Peaches Christ and actor Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, SCREAM, QUEEN! takes us on a wild, one-of-a-kind gay odyssey from Hollywood to healing.