OCTOBER 21 – 30TH, 2022

October 17 (Thu)


Guinevere Turner: In Person
October 17 • 7:00pm
Guild Cinema

Long before there was THE L WORD Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner catapulted lesbian relationships and friendships into the mainstream with their hip, black-and-white comedy GO FISH. The film tells the story of Max, a young lesbian in Chicago who has hit a serious dry spell in her dating and sex life, until she meets Ely, who isn’t exactly on the market. While there is instant chemistry between the two their relationship is slow to unfold due to a complicated entanglement of friends, lovers, and unexplored desires. GO FISH keeps viewers on the hook waiting for the moment that Ely and Max finally tumble into bed and in the process explores the nuance, complications, and comedy of a not-yet-explored lesbian subculture.

 Released during a time when gay characters were rarely seen on screen — and if they were it was usually as a commentary on the AIDS crisis or in the throes of coming out — GO FISH presented a refreshing matter of fact take on both the mundanity and joy of queer life. Troche and Turner’s characters are funny, erotic, nuanced, and relatable. For those who watched GO FISH 25 years ago it’s celebrated re-release screening will feel like coming home to old friends.


October 17 • 9:15pm
Guild Cinema

Accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack and filmed with great attention to lighting, Georgian and Swedish director Levan Akin’s AND THEN WE DANCED is a masterpiece of queer and foreign cinema. Collecting several awards and racking up numerous nominations from festivals such as the Odessa International Film Festival, this is one feature that you do not want to miss.

 Merab is a young dancer with the Georgian National Ensemble, a prestigious and highly competitive troupe of traditional dancers. After years of choreographic formation with his dance partner Mary, Merab is thrown-off, in more ways than one, by a newcomer to the company, Irakli. In this highly disciplined environment, Irakli becomes both Merab’s fiercest competition and the object of his most ardent desires. Furtive glances exchanged between dizzying spins and powerful leaps expose the pair’s attraction.

 Erotic, culturally complex, and with an energy that makes it hard to stay in your seat, Levan delivers an important filmic challenge to conservative and homophobic cultural barriers while spotlighting traditional Georgian cultural practices. Aligning with vocal, progressive, and young queer groups in Georgia, AND THEN WE DANCED moves the dial forward on queer storytelling in a country where out queer identity often still poses significant risks.